A conversation with Casey Coleman

December 18, 2010

Ms. Casey Coleman is the Chief Information Officer for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).

As CIO she is responsible for managing the agency’s $600 million IT budget and ensuring alignment with agency and administration strategic objectives, information security, and enterprise architecture.

During her tenure, Ms. Coleman implemented an agency-wide infrastructure consolidation and standardization program that resulted in significant cost-savings and improvements to security and performance.

Ms. Coleman is active in the Federal IT community and currently serves as the 2009-2010 President of AFFIRM (Association for Federal Information Resources Management). Ms. Coleman encourages the use of social media to improve service and operations of the Federal Government and writes a blog titled Around the Corner.

Ms. Coleman has served in several other leadership roles at GSA, including CIO for the GSA Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) and Federal Technology Service (FTS). Prior to GSA she served in consulting, sales, and management roles at several technology startups. She began her career at Lockheed Martin Corporation.

She has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Texas A&M University and a master’s in business administration from the University of Texas at Arlington. She is the recipient of the public sector MIT Sloan CIO Symposium 2010 Award for Leadership in Innovation, along with being a two-time Fed 100 award winner.

Listen to the first segment of Ms. Coleman’s interview.

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