A Conversation with Dr. Nick Nayak

October 22, 2011

Nick Nayak has over 24 years of senior private, public and academic leadership experience. He has been a dynamic figure in the field of federal acquisition – helping to professionalize the federal acquisition workforce; implement methods to obtain acquisition savings; and recruit the next generation of acquisition professionals.

Nick served as Deputy Director for IRS Procurement responsible for support to the United States tax collection system. In this capacity, he managed operational procurement enabling IRS to collect nearly $2.7 trillion annually, funding a significant portion of the federal government.

Prior to serving as Deputy Director, Nick served in several high-impact leadership positions, including Director, Strategic Acquisition Initiatives, Deputy Director, Office of Information Technology Acquisition, Assistant to Director, Information Technology Program Management Office, Project Executive for the IRS Commissioner’s Security Readiness Project and Director, Treasury Acquisition Institute (TAI).

Nick has served in virtually every acquisition workforce role in government including program manager, contracting officer, procurement analyst, contracting officer’s technical representative, technical evaluation chair, purchase card approving official and competition advocate, as well as, contracts administrator, cost estimator and proposal writer in the private sector.

Nick has a Ph.D. in Administration and Management, an M.S. in Management and a B.S. in Finance and Economics. He has served as an adjunct professor for several universities and taught over 45 undergraduate and graduate business courses.

Listen to his complete interview.


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