What is strategic intelligence? What does it mean to be a strategic, operational, or networking leader? How do you employ smart motivation? What is the relationship between personality and leadership? Join host Michael Keegan as he explores these questions and more with Dr. Michael Maccoby, authors of Strategic Intelligence: Conceptual Tools for Leading Change.

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A decade into the 21st century in the U.S. has encountered many unforeseen challenges and seemingly unimaginable opportunities. In the midst of these shifting dimensions, many are questioning the proper use of power, leadership, and security among the relations of nations to meet the demands of an ever complex world. What is smart power? How do the challenges of the 21st century demand a reshaping and a redefining of leadership? How best can national security leaders transform the intelligence enterprise to meet the security needs of today? We will explore these questions and so much more with our very special guest.

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Vice Admiral Dorsett graduated from Jacksonville University (Florida) in 1978. His sea duty included assignments on HMS Gavinton (M1140), USS Elliott (DD 967), USS Oldendorf (DD-972), USS Dominant (MSO-431), USS Ranger (CV 61), deputy assistant chief of staff for Intelligence for commander 6th Fleet, and assistant chief of staff for Intelligence for commander, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command / 5th Fleet.

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