Mr. Ely tells us about
the mission and this history of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, otherwise known as CBP.

Mr. Ely tells us about
the CBP’s acquisition and improvement initiative.

Mr. Ely tells us about
the CBP’s acquisition workforce management strategy.

Mr. Ely talks about the
key issues that will affect acquisition and procurement offices government-wide over the next few years.

Mr. Hess shares tells us about the
mission and history of the New York City Department of Homeless Services.

Mr. Hess talks about
Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to end chronic homelessness in New York City.

Mr. Hess talks about
delivering homeless and social services in the wake of a natural or manmade disaster.

Mr. Hess shares with us
the agency’s human capital strategy.

Mrs. Embrey tells us about
the organization of the Heath Affairs, the budget and her specific responsibilities.

Mrs. Embrey tells us about
Force Health Protection.

Mrs. Embrey discusses
the effort to enhance the continuing of care provided to service members.

Mrs. Embrey discusses
how the Tricare healthcare contracts impact customer’s satisfaction, the quality of healthcare, and the value for the beneficiary.

Vice Adm. Murretttells us about
the history, mission and the vision of the NGIA.

Vice Adm. Murrett discusses
the strategic vision of the NGIA and how it’s evolved overtime to meet security threats.

Vice Adm. Murrett discusses
how NGIA is working with the Intelligence Community on Information Sharing .

Vice Adm. Murrett discusses
the challenges and opportunities of future for the NGIA.

Mr. Morton tells us about
the mission and history of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Mr. Morton discusses
the border enforcement efforts and his strategic vision for ICE as it continues to evolve.

Mr. Morton talks about
Document and Benefit Fraud Task Force play into his agency, the effort to fight human trafficking and smuggling.

Mr. Morton discusses strategy and the importance of individual integrity in order to have success in ICE.

Dr. Robert Childs tells us about
his career, role and responsibilities at the IRM College.

Dr. Robert Childs tells us about
Net Centricity and its applicability to high education in the DoD.

Dr. Robert Childs discusses
virtual world technology and its use at the DoD.

Dr. Robert Childs discusses
trends spotting, future strategy and vision for IRM College.

Rear Adm. Hunter discusses the Tricare program for the military health system.

Rear Adm. Hunter tells us about the different benefit packages available under Tricare

Rear Adm. Hunter discusses the shift toward preventive care and the patient center medical home model.

Listen the strategy and initiave of the Department of Justicefinancial management moderniztion

Jolene tells us about theresponsibilities of the Performance Improvement Officer

Listen to financial management modernization effort in the Department of Justice

Listen to how the Defense Logictics supports military operations in war zones

Listen to the DLA strategic vision, initiatives for war zones and employees.

Learn about the challenges employees in the Defense Logistics Agency face in supporting IT infrastructures in hostile locations

With all of the investments discussed today, learn what the steps to insure the public is getting value from these public investments.

The 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act allocated about 1.1 billion dollars for comparative effectiveness research, with some $300,000,000 dedicated to the agency. Learn what Comparative Effectiveness Research is and what AHRQ’s role is in pursuing this research and the priority conditions undergoing such research.

Listen to Dr. Clancy tell us about the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, otherwise known as AHRQ, within HHS.

Some of the steps to help ensure we are getting value from the public dollars being put into this research.

NIAID’s role in responding to the global effort against malaria.

An overview of the fundamentals of vaccinology.

Listen to Dr. Fauci discuss the history and the mission of The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases