Why does U.S. Department of Defense lack of an auditable financial statement? What has DoD done to get to auditability? What challenges are faced in getting audited financial statement and how can DoD do better? Join host Michael Keegan as he explores these questions and more with Peter K. Levine of the Institute for Defense Analyses.

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What challenges does the US Department of Defense’s direct care system face? How can these challenges be overcome? What are five actions to improve military hospital performance? Join host Michael Keegan next week on a Special Edition of The Business of Government Hour as he explores these questions and more with John Whitley, author of the IBM Center report, Five Actions to Improve Military Hospital Performance.

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What are the strategic priorities for the Defense Health Agency’s Component Acquisition Executive? How is DHA Changing the Way it Acquires Products and Services? Join host Michael Keegan, next week on The Business of Government Hour as he explores these questions with Dr. Barclay P. Butler, Component Acquisition Executive at the Defense Health Agency.

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In this issue of The Business of Government magazine, we survey the intersection where leadership, complex challenges, and the need for transformation meet. Whether it’s in the response to the global financial crisis, the national deficit, or the myriad of other pressing issues facing us, uncertainty seems boundless while constraints on resources are very real. It is within this context that we’ve assembled a varied group of government executives and thought leaders who are focusing on these problems and working to mitigate their effects. They offer their insights, lessons learned, and recommendations on these topics. It’s about connecting research to practice—crafting smart approaches that tame immediate demands without losing sight of the iterative nature of problem solving. This goes to the core of the Center’s mission: linking theory to practice as a way of shaping the business of government.

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Military power is typically the bedrock of a nation’s power. In this complex and dynamic world of changing demands, the nature of security today requires that it be conceive more broadly than at any time before. Some have called for a new and vibrant strategic direction for U.S. national security and foreign policy. Today’s context presents a unique set of challenges and requires a new way of thinking about American power and security. For the United States to be an effective world leader, how must it strategically balance all three aspects of its power – defense, diplomacy, and development? What are the strategic threats facing the U.S. today? How can the use of smart power address some of these complex and perplexing global problems? We will explore these questions and so much more with our very special guest.

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Rear Adm. Hunter tells us about the different benefit packages available under Tricare

Learn about the challenges employees in the Defense Logistics Agency face in supporting IT infrastructures in hostile locations