Dan Chenok, Executive Director of the IBM Center for the Business of Government and National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) Academy Fellow, discusses utilizing technology and Artificial Intelligence to foster social equity and the Agile Government Center on NAPA’s Management Matters program.

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What are US federal agencies doing to leverage artificial intelligence? How are these agencies managing the risk associated with AI? Join host Michael Keegan for a special edition of The Business of Government Hour – exploring how AI can transform government.

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How will AI change government? We focus on three areas of impact: a transformed workday, a potential for personalized customer service, and an increased importance of technical and data skills. I explored this and more with Dan Chenok and Mallory Barg Bulman.

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How and in what areas is AI being adopted in the national security space? What is an AI ecosystem? How can government and the military enhance their AI ecosystems?

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What are artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing? How is the public sector using AI? What are some of the key challenges and opportunities in the public sector’s use of AI? Join host Michael Keegan for a Special Edition of The Business of Government Hour – Conversations with Authors with Kevin Desouza author of the IBM Center report, Delivering Artificial Intelligence in Government: Challenges and Opportunities.

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